Excel is a very good application and has served many businesses and private individuals well for decades. However, dealing with spreadsheets and storing them on your own local computer has its limitations and the goal of any growing business is to overcome limitations. Simply put, spreadsheets simply lack the “oomph” of a program like QuickBooks which is like your old spreadsheet on steroids. And using QuickBooks hosting – combined with our Act! Premium Hosting – is the best way to overcome limitations to your business. Let’s take a look at cloud accounting and how it helps expand the margins of your business.

What is Cloud Accounting?

In brief, cloud based accounting involves the data that you use in your operations being hosted on a remote server. One example of this kind of hosting is how banks allow you to make payments and affect other changes to your account online. This is possible because the software being used to do this is stored remotely. One of the obvious advantages to cloud accounting is that it makes your accounting tasks accessible to you at home or on your tablet. There are, however, many other advantages to cloud accounting for businesses and QuickBooks hosting in particular.

How QuickBooks Hosting Can Help Your Business

More and more business owners are moving their accounting operations over to the cloud.  They love their desktop accounting software, but need to make it accessible on the cloud.  This is the advantage of our cloud! These owners are not just making this transition because it is trendy. They are moving their operations over to cloud based accounting systems to take advantage of its many advantages over Excel and to make it accessible to their accountant and other employees. act

  • Saves you time: With QuickBooks hosting you can save your company time by automatically generating invoices and reminders to customers on a regular schedule.
  • Keeps your information secure: What would you do if your computer crashed or was the victim of a virus? Data on cloud based servers is secure because it is constantly being backed up. You do not have to worry about breaches that could occur to your data because it is being hosting locally on your own computer.
  • Allows greater collaboration: Excel only allows access to a single user. In contrast, cloud accounting software lets multiple authorized users access and view accounting information in real-time. This makes it easier for workers to collaborate on accounting projects.

The list goes on from there. Excel and similar localspreadsheets are horse and buggy thinking in a world of fast moving data. Our Cloud Hosting allow you to bring any locally installed software to the cloud.  One of the most commons requests from our client is to bring Act!, QuickBooks and Sage50 to the cloud for them.  Cloud Hosting can be one of the solutions that can help you catch up with and overcome the competition.

Cloud Accounting: What it is and How it Can Help You
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