In truth, every day should be data security/data privacy day particularly if you are charged with securing other people’s data as we are and as a great many other businesses are. However, with the threats posed by viruses, malware, ransomware and other digital nuisances always looking in the distance it is even more crucial to acknowledge the importance of data security and privacy. It is for this reason Data Security/Data Privacy Day (January 28. 2019) is being acknowledged again. We would like to discuss a bit about this day and dispel the notion that somehow persists that the cloud offers less security than traditional hosting.

About Data Security/Data Privacy Day

It was first recognized in 2014 by an act of Congress. Currently the day is recognized in the United States, Canada and Europe. The purpose of the Data Security/Data Privacy Day is to create greater public awareness of issues that involve global online safety, security and privacy campaign. With the breeches in security that are being reported daily this effort is not difficult. However businesses have an even greater need to be on guard for online breeches to security as the corruption of data can lead to civil action against the affected companies. They can also lead to a loss of public trust such as that suffered by Facebook.

Organizations that participate in Data Privacy and Protection day include


  • Anti-Phishing Working Group,
  • California Office of Privacy Protection,
  • Carnegie Mellon University,[4]
  • Cyber Data-Risk Managers,
  • Georgetown University,
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC),
  • Federal Communication Commission (FCC),
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and many others.


Data Security/Data Privacy Day Matters to Us

Many of our clients are in the financial services business where information privacy is of grave concern to customers. Data centers are also heavy users of cloud services such as ours. When you use our Secure Cloud Desktop we can further protect your environment by enabling the following security tools.

Geographic Restrictions

Brute Force Attack Blockerdata

Device Protection utilizing IP address restrictions

Work Time access tools for users

Two Factor authentication


These security tools are also available for our Sage 50 Cloud Hosting and QuickBooks Cloud Hosting by constantly updating our protection software. Moreover, our cloud hosting provides a secure platform with advanced firewallsand certified security measures. We maintain these systems with skilled engineers and you can communicate any concerns you have with our US based customer service team.

Data Security/Data Privacy Day
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