For many tech companies it seems like a perfect, money saving solution. Outsource customer service to a country that pays its workers lower wages in order to increase your company’s bottom line. However, customer service is supposed to be about how well customers are served not businesses. This “perfect” solution of outsourcing customer service has many drawbacks that end up hurting businesses in the end. And it is for this reason that Tech Commandos’ customer support and 24/7 emergency support is US based. We feel that it – along with our cloud desktop hosting – serves your company best. Here are just some of the problems other companies create for themselves and their customers when they outsource customer service.

  • Language constraints: It is vital that there not be miscommunication between customers and agents. Miscommunication of any kind can lead to brand dilution, disruption of services (from the customer’s end) and unresolved technical issues.
  • Confidentiality issues: When companies communicate with CSRs who are in foreign countries, they must share confidential data with those countries. This exposes businesses to needlessly high risks with its information.
  • It eliminates American jobs: This has been and continues to be a huge issue in the news. Foreign based call centers eliminate thousands of jobs that would otherwise go to equally qualified Americans. This eventually harms not only individual workers and the economy in general; it can also damage the reputation of the company that is doing the outsourcing.
  • Adds a personal touch: In-house customer service centers create the opportunity for CSRs to form personal relationships with the company’s with whom they are dealing. This allows agents to become brand ambassadors for the company’s they represent and it helps to form a trusting bound between the client company’s reps and the hosting company’s reps.
  • Flexibility: In-house call centers are under the direct control of the companies they represent. This means that when changes are made, reps can implement them without lag time. Ultimately, this improves service for the end customer.customer service

In other words, we provide you with 24/7, US based customer support for your benefit. Our representatives can answer any questions you may have about ACT! Hosting. They do this without language difficulties getting in the way. They also eliminate the issues of confidentiality breaches, American job loss, etc.

Disadvantages to Outsourcing Customer Service
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