We’ve all been there and done that. We type in the URL of a website, hit “enter” and instead of landing on the site we are trying to visit we get a static message telling us that the site cannot be reached at this time. Well, as frustrating as this experience is for consumers, it is even more so for site owners. Unexpected downtime can be the bane of a company’s existence and it can negate its presence on the web. Read on to learn why it is imperative to have a solid solution to avoid server downtime.

  • Lost opportunities: First and foremost, downtime for your company’s website can mean a loss of money. Whether your company is a B2C or B2B, most of its transactions are likely to occur online. These include electronic funds requests, request for quotation, purchase orders, and of course product ordering. When a site goes down for an extended period, potential revenue can quickly be lost. It can take weeks or even months to make up for the loss.
  • Eroded confidence: In addition to costing a company a great deal in lost revenue, unexpected downtime just looks amateurish. Trading partners and customer can get a bad impression of your company and decide that if you cannot even maintain your site, then you are not likely to be able to meet their needs. This erosion in confidence can cause customers to leave your site and go elsewhere.
  • Reduced productivity: In our increasingly paperless society, most business is transacted digitally. This means that a large part of your workforce may be paralyzed and not able to do their job when your site experiences downtime. Sales cannot be made, customers queries cannot be answered, etc.computer
  • Lost data: According to the research company Forrester, only 6% of businesses that have had a severe data loss survive. Data is the lifeblood of Internet based companies and your management team should do everything it can to protect it from viruses, power outages, etc.

One easy, cost-effective solution to unplanned downtime is to use reliable cloud hosting services such as those provided by Tech Commandos. Our ACT! Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for companies that need to be up and running 24/7 with speed and efficiency. Plus, our US based customer service team is ready to help quickly resolve any issues that do arise.

How Website Downtime Hurts your Business
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