“Free” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. For that reason, advertisers know that all they have to do is mention that word and the public becomes so overjoyed at getting a freebie that we to fail remember that everything comes with a cost. This is certainly true when it comes to webhosting. While it may seem like a no-brainer to opt for free webhosting, ultimately it is no bargain. Here are some of the disadvantages of free webhosting.

  • Advertising: Free webhosts usually require that you place advertisements on your website. Thus, you have no control over what is displayed on your website. When you pay for webhosting you can choose to place your own ads or that of your partners on your site.
  • Poor customer service: When you receive a product or service for free you simply are not a customer service priority. After all, why should you be? When you pay for hosting services, you become a greater priority for companies because they know that you might take your business (and money) elsewhere.
  • Unreliability: Free hosting services usually have undependable speed, uptime and availability and again with little or no customer service to complain to your business can suffer greatly. A good example is Geocities. Free hosting may be fine if you do not care whether or not your site is up and running 24/7 but it is not acceptable for serious business owners. We have 24/7 uptime and US based customer support.
  • Lack of flexibility in design and functionality: Often free hosting companies will provide its users with templates making it difficult for you to add features such as plugins, shopping carts, forums, chat rooms, etc
  • Lack of credibility: Yourwebsite.com simply looks more trustworthy and professional than yourbusiness.freesite.com, etc. Customers will know that you take your business seriously if you have your own domain that is under your control.
  • Limited storage and bandwidth: Most companies that offer free hosting often have paid hosting as well. Often, free web hosting companies will cap off its free users in order to supply its paid users with all the bandwidth they need. (They are, after all, paying for services.)free hosting

In brief, the word “free” can often conceal inferior products and/or services. If you want the best for your business you should consider using our ACT! premium hosting, cloud desktop or cloud server hosting.  We secure your information with our cloud based solutions. Learn more about Actand our cloud desktop solutions and how it can help your business.   


Reasons You Should Avoid Free Hosting
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