Increasingly, business capabilities are being stretched to their limits. This means that companies are constantly searching for technologies that will put them ahead of the competition. Many of these businesses are discovering that cloud hosting services help them do so in an effective way. Others are filled with misconceptions about this relatively new technology. For the latter, it’s time to disprove their misconceptions about the cloud incorrect. Some of these misconceptions include:

  • Misconception – Enterprises are still experimenting with cloud: Cloud hosting is not experimental. Many, many companies have gone over to the cloud as a matter of practicality, convenience and efficiency. In fact, some studies have shown that as much as 58% of businesses spend more than 10% of their IT budget on cloud services.
  • Misconception – Cloud computing is more expensive: Although cloud hosting may come with a slightly high upfront cost, it can help you save on management, energy, hardware, software licensing, refreshes, storage space in the long term.
  • Misconception – Cloud computing is not secure: Cloud solutions offer a high level of security. Our services offer extra security that is more effective than traditional security methods such as security guards, recording and security scanner etc., plus we offer USA cloud hosting support for our customers. If you have special security needs our cloud services can find solutions for you through our US based support.
  • Misconception – Cloud is unreliable: By using the cloud, businesses are able to protect data in ways that traditional computing cannot. For example, with cloud solutions data can be backed up to multiple locations and services. This gives your business an added level of security and greater peace of mind. This method of data protection and preservation is reliable, safe and
  • Misconception – Cloud solutions are complicated: Actually, this one is partially true. The migration over to cloud can be relatively easy but some businesses lack the IT skills to handle cloud solutions. For those businesses that have such problem, our US based support is here to help guide you through the process and to lend you any needed assistance.

In short, the more businesses know about cloud hosting solutions the better. This knowledge helps them to find solutions in an ever more complex world. Cloud hosting provides solutions to problems concerning data security, information access and business expansion. Try our cloud hosting services. Don’t succumb to false information about the cloud from people who are only guessing about this growing technology.

Top Misconceptions about Cloud Computing