There is a lot of information about QuickBooks cloud hosting online. We feel that this is a mixed blessing of sorts. This much information about QuickBooks cloud hosting can be useful, of course, but it can also be a bit overwhelming especially if you are considering purchasing it for your small to mid-sized business. To help you sort through this morass of questions, we’ve compiled a list of four commonly asked questions about QuickBooks cloud hosting as well as questions you should ask before choosing a cloud hosting provider.

What is QuickBooks Hosting?

The term refers to the installation of QuickBooks on the cloud rather than on your business’s local system. Doing so allows you to access the software anytime though the Internet and gives you access to a whole host of features that you would not have if you deployed QuickBooks on the desktops in your office.

What Are the Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting for My Business compared to deploying it via Desktop?

Some of the benefits we alluded to above include, anywhere access, data protection and backup, automatic updates and upgrades, etc. On the last point, QuickBooks upgrades can be quite time consuming when it is deployed via desktop. Cloud hosting saves you that valuable time.

Can an IPad, iPhone or Smartphone be used to access this data?

Yes. As we said, deploying QuickBooks or using ACT monthly hosting enables your employees to access data from various points. This increases collaboration on projects which can be quite productive.

If I Migrate from QuickBooks Desktop over to the Cloud, Will I Enjoy Complete Desktop Functionality?cloud hosting

Yes. You should be able to enjoy all the features of QuickBooks desktop when switching over to the cloud plus the benefits we described above.

Question You Should ask of a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Before making the move to cloud hosting, think about some of the key questions you should ask a potential vendor like Tech Commandos. These questions should include:

How Can I Get Customer Support Services?

What Security Measures Do You Follow to Ensure Data Protection?

Do You Offer Cloud Hosting for All Versions of QuickBooks?

What Is Your Availability and Uptime?

What Is Your Backup Policy?

How Many Customers Do You Have?

We hope we have helped to sort the wheat from the chaff as the old saying goes. This information about cloud hosting will hopefully help you make up your mind about what is really the best means of deployment for this popular software.