We all know that October is the time lookout for little ghouls who are prowling the streets hoping to put a scare into their friends and neighbors. However, Halloween ghouls are far less scary than the other types of ghouls who lurk around in dark places. These ghouls are people who infect computer networks, steal and ransom data, etc. Because of these kinds of ghouls, October has been designated Cyber Security Awareness Month. Here are five fun and educational things to do to build your staff’s cyber awareness this and every month.

  • Quiz night: You’ve probably put a whole lot of time, effort and money into educating your employees on the subject of cyber security. Why not see if this effort has paid off by having a quiz night at your workplace? Try pitting different departments against one another and offer a reward to the team that has the highest score. This way your employees will have fun and you can learn about areas of education that need to be improved.
  • Get the facts on ransomware: Ransomware is beginning to be a bigger and bigger problem for businesses and individuals. You can help protect your business and your employees by finding out all you can about ransomware and making it a part of your cyber security training.
  • Fake phishing attack: Phishing is another kind of cyber attack that threatens people in the workplace and persons at home. With phishing an email is sent to someone that mimics an actual site that the recipient may or may not be familiar which such as PayPal, for example. In the email, the recipient is usually told to click on a link within the email and to enter personal account information once there. The email links lead to a fake site that disreputable individuals have set up to steal account data. Try sending such an email out to your employees through your intranet to see who can detect it.
  • Make it an event: Host a companywide meeting and invite special speakers or set up a multi-media presentation on the dangers of viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. Make the event fun by setting up refreshment and games related to the topic of cyber security.cyber security
  • Use a workplace security risk calculator: Several sites on the Internet will let you answer questions that will help your company determine its risk for a cyber attack. Go to one and take an assessment. You may be surprised or even horrified by the results.

If the cyber ghouls who are out there don’t scare you then they should. Every year they cost companies millions of dollars worth of damage. Try our Secure QuickBooks Hosting, Sage Hosting or our Secure Cloud desktops.   We can add an additional firewall with 2 factor authentication, work hour restrictions, Geo fencing to prevent overseas hacks, end point protection and event view and device control.   If your hosting company doesn’t provide this type of extra security then you are more easily accessible to hackers.