Cost Savings – One set monthly price. $50/user/month. If you are a 5-user company, just do the quick math and see if you’re paying more! 5 * $50 = $250.00 per month for unlimited US based Tech Support, Daily backups and updates, security testing, and much more.

Flexibility – You can run the Cloud Desktop in any environment – Windows, Mac, and even a tablet! Use your device where and when you want by simply logging onto it via a web browser.

Disaster Recovery – If you lost everything from a hurricane, fire, or a cyber-attack then, down time matters! Your cloud desktop is easily accessible to you from any device and can be restored upon demand. BizTech did a poll of SMB (Small Medium Business) and here are a few surprising stats:

  • 49% of business reported they could get back up but expected it to take 3 months plus – far too long to still be in business
  • 68% of Business Owners have no written plan for Disaster Recovery
  • 75% reported they had some key records offsite, why not all of them

Increased Collaboration – Share all your key apps and files with ease

Standardized Desktop – Easily scale your business with a standardized desktop with all your applications and data that is operational in no time