Data breaches are a constant threat to Internet companies. And when one occurs a company can lose
public credibility and even subject itself to legal action. This is why we take the protection of client data
very seriously. Our QuickBooks cloud hosting, Sage hosting, Cloud desktop, Act! premium hosting
and Server hosting keeps your data safe and at the same time allows your employees to collaborate on
company projects from any remote location. Unfortunately, breaches still plague just about every kind of
business. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most significant breaches of the 21 st century.
 Yahoo: Back in 2016. The Internet directory experienced a data breach that affected 3 billion
user accounts. This occurred while the Internet colossus was in the middle of negotiations to sell
itself to Verizon. To make matters worse, the breach was thought to have occurred at the behest
of a state sponsored entity. The breach compromised names, addresses, birth dates and even
phone numbers.
 Adult Friend Finder: In October of the same year, online dating and casual hookup site Adult
Friend Finder announced that the data of 400 million accounts had been compromised. This
breach included names, email addresses and passwords.
 BMO and Simplii: In May of 2018 these two banks reported a data breach that compromised the
data of some 90,000 customers. This data, it was revealed, could have been used to facilitate
fraudulent activities on behalf of customers. In response to this breach, both banks contacted
customers about the compromise of their data.
 JP Morgan Chase: The summer of 2014 saw one of the biggest data breaches in history. It
occurred when banking giant JP Morgan Chase announced that data belonging to 76 million
people – small businesses included – had been compromised.
 Equifax: The data that this company has holds much sway over the lives of millions of
Americans. This is why it was particularly disturbing to learn that back in 2017 the credit data of
209,000 users was exposed.

Lessons to be Learned

There is a bright spot to all these data breaches. Each breach hopefully instructs companies on how to
protect against future breaches even as the culprits get trickier. We protect your data with up-to-date
security software, staff training and awareness, encryption, etc. We also have a team of US based
customers service and IT specialists who can explain our security methods even further as you make the
transition over to the cloud.

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