They say that sharks must stay in constant motion or die. This has something to do with their having to keep oxygen-rich water flowing over their gills in order to breathe properly. Thus, it is the same with both small and large businesses in the internet age. They must constantly look and be able to use technology solutions that will allow them to thrive and prosper or they will quickly fall to the wayside and perish in that ocean of failed enterprises. However, the problem is that technology changes so rapidly and is so complex that challenges can arise that make it difficult for organizations to utilize tools that are designed help make them flourish. Here are the 5 top technology challenges that businesses face today.

  • Data back-up issues: Systems fail, disasters happen and frankly some businesses simply fail to back up critical data that they need to operate. When data is breached and there is no backup, it could mean a total disaster for you and your clients. With QuickBooks cloud hosting your data can automatically be saved as a safeguard against such breaches.
  • The cloud learning curve: Backing up data to the cloud is of no use if the organization you are using cannot communicate its technology to you in a way you can understand. That is why we have 24/7 US-based customer service. This strengthens the lines of communication between your techs and thus allows you to better serve your customers.
  • Integration Issues: As technology changes, it often becomes necessary for new systems to merge with older ones. Again, our customer service/IT professionals can walk you through such changes so that your business does not miss a step and can continue to serve customers seamlessly.
  • Cyber-security risks: One of the most common reasons many businesses have not migrated over to cloud hosting is because of the mistaken notion that it is somehow less secure than traditional hosting. Again, this is a misconception and nothing more. We can protect your trade secrets, confidential communication, customer information, HR records and anything else that may be vulnerable to ransomware and the like. technology
  • Lack of Strategic IT Planning: Properly handled, technology can cause your business to grow and become more efficient that you probably ever imagined. However, this takes a team to approach this asset strategically. We can help your team to see how our technology can help your business prosper, meet its obligation to customers and fulfill its regulatory requirements.

Back to our shark analogy: Technology is the oxygen your business needs today in order to sustain itself. We can help you with a whole host of technological solutions that will keep you moving through the waters of competition. These solutions include our ACT premium hosting.