Choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider should be somewhat like an interview. It is vitally important that you qualify the company that will be helping you meet the needs of your customers. The best way to do this is by first researching the available providers online. The second and best way to qualify potential providers is by asking them the following set of questions. After all, quite a bit is riding on your selection.

How Many Customers Do You Have?

This is important to know so that your cloud provider does not dismiss you as just another one of its many customers. Your cloud provider must be keen to your specific needs and unique challenges as a company.

How Do You Handle Support?

Today, many companies routinely outsource their customer service to other countries. Thus, when you speak to someone about a problem you are having you may well end up on the other side of the world with someone who finds it hard to relate to your problem and who may even have trouble understanding you. We offer U.S.-based customer support. We, also provide 24/7/365 emergency support because we know that when a problem arises wasted time could cost you customers. computer

What Is Your Availability and Uptime?

Speaking of wasted time, it is vitally important that the company you go with has high uptime and availability. This is because existing customers can be demanding and are usually not ready to accept excuses if your site is unreachable when they need to reach it. Potential customers know that they can find services similar to yours with the push of a button on their keyboard. Thus, always make sure that the provider you are considering is always on.

Which Applications Do You Support?

This is vitally important and is at the core of your accounting department’s ability to support your business. We provide QuickBooks desktop cloud hosting as well as Sage 50 hosting.

How Many Days Do You Store My Data?

Ask the company you are considering if they backup data hourly, daily, or weekly. Also, ask the provider if this process is automatic. After all, what is the use of QuickBooks cloud hosting if that information is subject to be lost?

Even though choosing a cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks may seem daunting it all comes down to assessing your company’s unique needs and seeing whether or not the company you are considering can meet those needs.