Add Ons

Tech Commandos offers a wide variety of add-on software for Sage ACT!. From installing ACT on your mobile phone to database management, Tech Commandos experts will install and train your employees on how to use the new various ACT! add-ons.

ACT Hosting V20

With the BackupAssist base license, you can:

  • Automatically back up files, applications or complete servers using system protection, file protection and file archiving
  • Backup VSS Applications in real-time. Our standard backups are VSS aware for live backups of Exchange, SQL Hyper-V and others
  • Use flexible Schemes to tailor both daily and history backupts

ACT Hosting V20

Handheld Contact is simply the best service enabling two-way, wireless synchronization between your PDA and your Act! CRM software. Track and manage complete prospect and customer information, activities, opportunities and more. Improve your productivity with Handheld Contact’s unique quoting, mobile mapping, mail-merging, and VOIP calling utilities, plus much, much more.

Whether you use an iPhone Android Phone, or even an iPad or Android Tablet, Handheld Contact puts all your vital information at your fingertips — it’s like taking your office with you.

ACT Hosting V20

CompanionLink will synchronize your ACT! data with your phone or with other supported applications and web-based services (like Microsoft Outlook or Google).

CompanionLink Express has all the basic features you need for two-way synchronization. CompanionLink Pro includes additional options such as Auto Synchronization, the ability to sync wirelessly using CompanionLink's wireless sync service, and other advanced settings.

ACT Hosting V20

Reporting4act is quite simply the most powerful, easy-to-use reporting product on the market for your Act! CRM data. And now it's available in three different tiers to fit every budget.

Reporting4act provides a step-by-step method to create professional business reports from information stored in Act!. Anyone can create detailed reports, high-level overview, drill-down, charts/graphs, pivot tables, and more in minutes rather than hours. What’s more, it’s ready to report on custom tables in the Act! Premium Plus, as well as Tables4act, Keystroke Designer, and Durkin Tables.

Reporting4act rewards you for entering data into Act!. Create detailed reports and know what is happening with prospects and clients. Analyze opportunities and learn why they closed or were lost. Scan through the call list and quickly determine how to prioritize calls and more.

ACT Hosting V20

Take your Business to the next level of efficiency by seamlessly linking your CRM and accounting data together. Keystroke's new Qsales for Act! (formerly QSales Data) links your Act! and Quickbooks applications together to eliminate double-entry and make your Act! users more productive and informed.

Qsales syncs all transactions under each customer in Act! so all users can get detailed historical insights into customer’s accounts without ever opening QuickBooks. And Qsales also warns users of overdue accounts, and provides powerful quoting tools. And because the data lives in Act!, it goes where you go.

And the new Qsales v13 can save you money too, as all users connect to the accounting file with one user, saving your team hundreds, even thousands of dollars on QuickBooks licensing each year.