You just started your very own business! There is a promising future ahead for your service/product that may improve one persons life or maybe even the whole world. But who will know about it if you are not sure how to promote it? There is no need to stress about budgeting for a sales and marketing team when ACT! Growth Suite is able to get the job done right. This top-qualifying tool will help you impress each customer, promote your product efficiently, and close the deal every time!

ACT! Growth Suite is designed to make Customer Relationship Management easy. ACT! allows you to document interactions with your customers. Information like which products they have, when their contracts expire, and the last time you spoke are now easily accessible in their client history. Now, when a potential costumer calls you are able to have a personal and persuasive conversation with them. By the end of the call, they will feel like the most important and valued customer.

Marketing is rapidly changing! There will always be new and more profitable ways to market leaving old methods less effective. For a small business owner, it is confusing! Of course ACT! takes this worry away using real-time metrics that tell you what is working and what is not. You will find powerful tools that promote your products or services in the most professional manor. Some of the tools available include: email tracking & metrics, drip marketing, surveys response driven nurture marketing, website activity tracking, event marketing and progressive profiling. With ACT!, you are able to send impactful emails, capture new leads, profile your prospects progressively, and turn website visitors into paying customers. Soon, everyone will be calling you a marketing pro!

It is more expensive and time consuming to close a deal than it is to keep a customer. Many companies make the mistake of only focusing on the top of their revenue funnel. It is important to stay engaged with your customers to increase customer retention. Automated communications and activities will assist you in delivering the right message at the right time. This makes it easy to upsell products or services to existing customers, renew contracts and check in regularly to ensure your customers are super happy!

We have a webinar on March 26, 2020 @ 1pm Eastern that goes over the new ACT Growth Suite – “click here”