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Outlook integration improvements

1. When sending an email to a someone whose email address isn’t in the database, you now have the option to create a new contact or to attach the email to another contact.

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2. You can now enter ID/Status when creating a new contact from Outlook.

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3. A preference setting to auto-attach histories to contacts and NOT to your My Record.

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User Interface Improvements

1. A Documents Tab option to save the selected file locally
2. Contact column should display by default on Group and Company history tab
3. Display preferences tabs on two rows

4. Enable ‘Look for’ field in list views by default
5. Move Lookup > Favorites further down the menu
6. Remove inactive paging controls under the calendar task view
7. Allow ‘Create Lookup’ from multiple selected companies (Windows client only)

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Act! Premium for Web Improvements

1. Left align the big button menu
2. Managing opportunity processes to use the same terminology as windows
3. Reduce Act! icon file size to improve performance
4. Version numbers displayed should match windows client

Act! Premium for Web Improvements

1. Update Act! Notification link to point at the “What’s Fixed” KB article
2. Includes new Custom Tables package

SDK Improvements for custom add-on developers

1. Add event where a contact, group or company is added to an opportunity
2. Add events where opportunity total is modified or recalculated
3. Add events where a relationship is added to a contact
4. Add open and close events for the layout editor
5. Provide consistent event for LayoutLoaded
6. Record Created events are inconsistent or missing