Act! Growth Suite is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, providing everything you and your team need to successfully run and grow your business!

What is the best feature? There are many, but let’s start with CRM Workflow

CRM Workflow – Send leads, prospects, and customers emails or specific web pages AUTOMATICALLY that are geared to their interests.

To set up a workflow, ask yourself these questions:

1) What educational materials would help a new lead understand what my company provides?

  • ACT! will automatically send emails with your content to engage that lead

2) My lead is qualified and is an actual PROSPECT. What do you want their experience to be?

Here is my new customer and I have some very specific information they need to have every time they buy. Act! marketing automation automatically gets information to them, so they feel the love.

These are very real, high level ways to deploy workflow using these features below:

Landing Pages – ACT! Has an intuitive, easy to use web page designer that will give you metrics on who clicked along with details of where and when. With a little effort you’re a pro!

Lead Capture – If you have ever tried to post a web form and get into ACT! It has been a bit a kludgy experience with add-ons, well ACT! Has fixed that and had made it seamless. Just build the form and either use their web page or ask you web Geek to post it on your website. IMPORTANT I did not say have the Web Geek design it, you can do the magical part.

Drip Marketing – Use groups to segregate your contacts and then, drip very specific messages giving the one-to-one marketing feeling without over whelming clients.

A/B Testing – Take a tactical email and quickly build two versions. The goal with this feature is to see which one gets the bigger draw. Then, internally review to evaluate which version has the better click through result for the campaign.