The “cloud” in the way that most people are familiar with it has been around since August 9, 2006 when then Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced the idea at a conference. Since then, cloud computing has become more and more common and most people feel they have a pretty good grasp of the technology as well as the advantages behind this kind of hosting. However, despite the fact that this technology has entered its teen years, some people are not quite sure of what to make it. This leads to uninformed speculation which we at Tech Commandos feel is our obligation to fight. Here are five misconceptions about the cloud that we wish to deflate:

  • The Cloud is unreliable: The cloud – like any other technology – can be misused. Sometimes people who use it do not adjust quickly to the learning curve involved in using this relatively new technology. Fortunately, we take this into account and it’s the reason that we have 24/7 US based emergency customer service. If you have the right infrastructure to support an update to the cloud, we are sure our experts can help you discover just how reliable it is.
  • The Cloud is more expensive: Although it costs companies some money in the beginning to make the transition over to the cloud, that money should be seen as an investment in the future. Convenience, reliability and security should also play a part in any cost benefit analysis. Properly utilized, the cloud helps with all three of these.
  • The Cloud is complicated: Indeed, the cloud can actually simplify work. It can enable workers to be able to collaborate more easily which can lead to more creative ways to accomplish goals and complete tasks. Additionally, much of the tech behind the cloud is outsourced to those of us who work on the other end of the transaction.
  • Cloud infrastructures are unsecure: Some people believe that simply because data is stored offsite that data is not secure. The truth is companies like ours offers multi-layered security systems and antivirus protection for the information that is vital to businesses. Rest assured that not just anyone can assess your data from our cloud server hosting cloud
  • The cloud is never faulty: No technology is perfect. Hackers will always be a menace to computing which is why you should check with any cloud hosting company you are considering. We work tirelessly to ensure the privacy and security of your data. We can host an entire desktop or a single application like Act! V21, QuickBooks or Sage.  Your applications can be secured with 2 factor authentication, geographical and work hour restrictions. Plus, we perform night backups.

We hope that this dispels some of the misconceptions about the cloud. It really would be a shame if people denied themselves the advantages of cloud based hosting due to false notions and erroneous beliefs.

5 Persistent Misconceptions about the Cloud
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