One of the many benefits of cloud housing that we have discussed on our site is that it allows your employees to share data with each in a secure environment and that this increases creativity and team work. And while we know that it is not practical for all employers to allow their employees to work from remote locations, many businesses are finding this model to be very useful. Telecommuting in particular has become more and more common as technology like Cloud Desktop Hosting makes it practical and secure. Here are some other benefits telecommuting offers employers.

  • Increases productivity: According to numerous studies, working from home boosts employee performance significantly. This is probably because employees who work from home are less likely to be delayed by traffic or engage in idle conversation with co-workers. With these and other workplace distractions eliminated employees can increase both the quality and quantity of their work.
  • Telecommuting is eco-friendly: Employers who allow their employees to telecommute help take cars off the road. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer traffic jams, accidents and also less strain on the environment. Remote communications tools such as video conferencing, etc., can further help eliminate the use of traditional office supplies and electricity.
  • Increases job satisfaction: Employees who are given the option of working from home tend to be happier and this often translates into a harder working, more productive worker. When employees are satisfied with their job they also tend to quit less often. This lowers employee turnover which can be costly for companies.telecommuting
  • Increases time available for work: Employees who are allowed to telecommute are less likely to be impacted by inclement weather or by minor illnesses they might otherwise call in sick for.

Yes, America is quickly moving towards a remote employment model as just about every job that can be done remotely is starting to be done this way. Businesses are wising up to the many advantages that this and cloud computing offers. Our Cloud Desktop, QuickBooks, Sage 50 and Act! Hosting gives employers who are moving towards this ever more popular model another tool they can use to increase employee participation, creativity and productivity. Employers are also taking advantage of the greater opportunity for employee collaboration that cloud computing offers as workers can access data from home, at the doctor’s office or anywhere else they may be.

Benefits of Telecommuting for Employers
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