Cloud Desktop Hosting

Monthly Desktop Anywhere Hosting

Remote DesktopHosting- $50/user
Access Your Remote Desktop & Cloud Server from Anywhere!
  • Includes Dedicated Server
  • 18 Consecutive Days of Data Back-ups for Remote Restore
  • Secure access via Remote Desktop from PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet
  • All applications run in a Windows 7 environment
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • All ACT Editions can be Hosted
  • Restore Capablities up to 18 days
  • No long term agreement
  • Microsoft Office Included
  • Daily Data Back-Ups
  • Other Software Licenses can be Provide by Client and Data Remains Property of Client
  • Up to 200 GB of storage for shared client files
  • Shared Drive Perfect for Sharing Documents among all users
  • Allows ACT! Users to Access all Features of ACT on a MAC
  • Local Printing Capabilities
  • Stored at SAS-70 or SSAE - 16 Level III facility
  • US Support
  • Minimum of 2 users
     Additional fees:
     **Initial Set up fee is $250 for 1-5 users
                                                $350 for 6 or more users

Cloud Desktop Hosting Cloud desktop hosting also known as a virtual desktop, provides a workspace from virtually anywhere. Cloud desktop hosting allows for your files to be hosted in one area that can be accessed on multiple screens. Using a cloud hosting application and its capabilities, your files can be viewed remotely. Cloud desktop allows for you to leave the office and have the office come with you. It allows for professional freedom when meeting clients, holding meetings and so much more.

Cloud desktop hosting allows for employees to keep all data and information on a protected and secure application versus their own device. While the cloud application can be accessed from all different types of devices such as a phone and that phone is lost/stolen, the access on those devices can be terminated so all company information will remain untouched. Or if an employee is terminated access to the actual cloud desktop can be terminated as well. In other cases of backup solutions, a hosted desktop can be a preventive measure. Using a cloud desktop hosting infrastructure, files will be backed up on the hosted desktop/virtual machine. All files will be easily accessed and reclaimed in case of emergency.

Having the ability to have access to your desktop anywhere anytime increases business productivity. The cloud allows for users from all around the world to experience the same view as someone in office. The cloud application allows for the same experience on any device so no need to have to be in office at the desktop. Take your phone or tablet and have the same accessibility.

Cloud Desktop Hosting

Cloud Desktop Hosting Combine act!, QuickBooks and QSales Data in the Cloud. Download