When you chose Sage, QuickBooks or act! pro Cloud Hosting to help fuel your accounting and sales functions you also open up a world of new possibilities. And as it so happens, one of the biggest benefits of cloud desktop hosting is that your team will be able to collaborate easier with each other without sacrificing data security. Here are five tips for successful business collaboration that should work with any business big or small.

  • Understand the purpose of the collaboration: The purpose of collaboration is not just to lessen the work load for any one person on your team. The purpose of collaboration is help the entire team visualize their mission so that you can harvest ideas and inputs that will help the company overall.
  • Know each team member’s skill set: Before setting out a particular project, you should assess each team member’s skill set and how he or she may contribute to achieving your overall goal. If a particular team is weak in a certain area, you may wish to team him/her with someone who can help that person.
  • Be willing to help and be helped: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed and to let each team member know that they not only can ask for help but should when they hit a rough patch. You’ll be amazed at what your team mates can contribute and it may even help you to bond with them as co-workers making the work flow more smoothly.collaboration
  • Get to know your team mates: At some point your team will have to meet in order to discuss methods and objectives. This can be done either formally or informally. By meeting in person with your team mates, you can begin the process of building camaraderie.
  • Address conflict quickly: Not all will necessarily go smoothly when team mates collaborate. Misunderstandings will arise, personalities will sometimes conflict etc. If this should happen, you should attempt to address the problem quickly before it disrupts the project.

Collaboration makes employees more productive and creative. There is no question about it. And the more productive employees are the happier the workplace is in general. Get the best out of your team by encouraging collaboration and get the best tool for facilitating this – cloud desktop hosting.