Sage 50 Hosting

Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Tech Commandos offer the sage 50 hosting services the best-hosted server which is the better option for bookkeepers and other small or medium businesses. Our sage 50 cloud hosting server is highly reliable and secure to manage the business accounting responsibilities.

The sage 50 cloud hosting solution allows you to host most of your sage applications on cloud servers such as sage 50 complete accounting. We are the leading provider of sage 50 cloud hosting and also have the best services to offer our valued sage 50 users such as bookkeepers and other small and medium-sized businesses.

Some of the many features of our 50 hosting services are:

Access Your Sage 50 hosting from Anywhere
Enables Secure Sage 50 Access along with other Client Owned Software
18 Consecutive Days of Data Back-ups for Remote Restore
Secure access via Remote Desktop from PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet.
Allows Sage50 users to Access all features of act on a Mac, Tablet or iPad
24/7 Emergency Support
Restore capabilities up to 18 days
No long term agreement
Microsoft Office Included
Data back-ups
Other Software Licenses can be Provide by Client and Data Remains Property of Client
Other Software Licenses can be Provide by Client and Data Remains Property of Client
Shared Drive Perfect for Sharing Documents Among Users
Up to 200 GB of storage for client files
Local Printing Capabilities
Includes Set up of New users
Includes Set Up of Sage 50 hosting + Shipping Software
Minimum of 3 users required
Stored at SAS-70 or SSAE-16 Level lll Facility

Learn How Tech Commandos Sage 50 Hosting Service Can Benefit Your Business:

On the go Access

By availing Tech Commandos Sage 50 hosting service you can access your company files and work on it from any place at anytime.

360 Degree Secure

Our strict security protocols and 360 degree secured data centers will provide you peace of mind without worrying about any type of data breach or cyber-attack, as our data centers are the most reliable, secure, and keep your Sage data safe from cybercriminal activity.

Disaster Backup/ Recovery

We follow a strict routine of daily backup of your data and mostly we backup your data regularly in night hours to keep all your data safe and secure. So that in case if there is any accidental deletion of files or disasters, then we can easily recover it and you will not have to face any issues like complete data loss.

Cost-Effective Service

We are one of the most cost-effective Sage 50 hosting service provider available in the market among the entire competitor list.

To experience the best sage 50 hosting services, contact us at 856-912-4670, 888-910-8324 or send us an e-mail at